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Fact: 60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack

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Network Importance

Your IT network needs a strong foundation from the get-go. Your network is the grouping of hardware devices and software components that are designed to connect devices within the company or organization, as well as the company to other companies and the Internet.


You need scalability for your network. With the proper design, you’re able to support the growth of your business without having to redesign the network. A scalable network can change without requiring you to overhaul the infrastructure.


Business-critical applications demand new resilient services from networks that were originally built for data applications only. These resilient services help ensure that customers and employees always have access to business-critical applications.


Network security technologies protect your network against malicious attacks from Internet-borne viruses and worms. Without network security in place your company risks unauthorized intrusions, regulatory noncompliance and even legal action.

Protect your data with a hardware firewall

Hardware firewalls focus on “intelligent” functions that analyze huge datasets to recognize malware and cyber attacks based on irregular activities instead of relying solely on cataloged viruses and attack vectors. We install hardware firewalls at the edge of your network in just a few hours. Schedule an install with us today.

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Our Company

We are a team of highly educated, experienced, and certified engineers ready to provide network solutions for your business.


Cisco Technical Certifications provide individuals with the knowledge to design, implement, and support networks.


We have decades of experience designing, implementing, and supporting world-class networks of fortune 500 companies.


Graduate-level education allows engineers to address problems from the perspective of a business owner or manager.


We have expertise configuring and installing the most popular network equipment requested by clients.

You can’t afford a slow network

Keeping your business running smoothly requires building and maintaining a robust, highly available network. Systems Engineering offers proven network design and implementation services that drive results for your business.

Business owners must prepare their network to handle additional usage requirements. Failure to do so can and will lead to slowdowns and interruptions to workflows that may potentially have a significant negative impact on their bottom lines.

43 percent of cyber attacks target small business.

Only 14 percent of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate cyber risks, vulnerabilities and attacks as highly effective.

48 percent of data security breaches are caused by acts of malicious intent. Human error or system failure account for the rest.

50 percent report they had data breaches involving customer and employee information in the past 12 months

What We Do


Technology Audit

Our IT Audit and Assessment consists of a careful analysis of the technical and managerial aspects of your network. This process consists of several steps. First, we examine all network hardware currently in use. Then, we will also look for any malfunctioning or failed network equipment. Finally, our audit will empower you with a complete inventory of your physical network devices as well as ensure that they are running at peak performance.


Design & Implementation

Our team evaluates your current business and assesses your future needs. They consider your budget parameters and design a network to meet the challenges of your business today and tomorrow. Once designed, our engineers and project managers install the network and document a set of standards and procedures with suggested security policies to assure network integrity post installation.


Infrastructure Support

Our experienced technicians provide both phone support and onsite service as needed. We can troubleshoot your router, switches, wireless access points, firewalls and other network devices on the fly. Additional services include installation, upgrades, administration services, network security, and general maintenance support.

Audit your network

We review all aspects of your network. It’s painless and free. Schedule one now!

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